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outstretched palm of a mans hand faced towards the camera with a painting, fake flower pot and afro brush behind it.


  • 18mm
  • 1/60 sec
  • f / 1.4
  • ISO 160

40 megapixels.

Once again, the high megapixel count swayed my decision in purchasing a brand new camera, but this time I gave a bit more thought to everything else. Originally, I had my eyes set on a Sony mirrorless camera. I was impressed with their range of 1st and 3rd party lenses and knew I’d be able to grow a collection that would last for a long time.

But then I saw a video about the Fuji X100VI and one feature in particular caught my eye: film simulations. You may know this already, but they are essentially simulations of different physical film stocks used in traditional, film-based photography. Depending on which simulation you choose, you can create an enitrely different look with your images. For me, this is important because I don’t enjoy spending ages editing RAW files after the image is captured and the moment is gone. So that, coupled with a crispy 40 megapixel sensor, made the decision to go Fuji so easy. Needless to say, the X100VI was out of stock for pre-orders, but I like the ability to change lenses anyway so opted for the X-H2.

This was one of the first photos I took with the X-H2, using either the Velvia or Astia simulation. It’s a simple photo of my hand, but I like how I can get images like this straight from the camera.