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man sat down on a stoney beach with legs crossed looking away the camera, deep in thought.


  • 18mm
  • 1 / 250 sec
  • f / 1.6
  • ISO 200

Let’s talk about film simulations and HEIF files. The X-H2 supports both, with film simulations being emulations of physical film stocks that allow you to achieve unique looks for your images, and HEIF files delivering better compression for your final shots when compared to JPEGs. However, if you choose to only shoot HEIF (or JPEG) files, then you lose the ability to switch the simulation applied after the image has been taken. Shooting in RAW allows you to select whatever simulation you want even after capturing the image with the help of software. In this case, with this image (and serveral others from the trip) I wish I shot in RAW. Although it looks okay, when I was messing around with some of the other images, especially from the beach, I just love the colors of the Velvia and Astia simulations. They just convey so much more of the light, colour and joy expressed during the trip. Anyway, a lesson for next time - shoot in RAW, even at the expense of storage space.

My sister took this.
This is me doing the best with the instructions to “just look natural.”