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a large manor house sitting on top of a drive, surrounded by well-kept grass and a massive tree. Open on Unsplash

Sizewell Hall

  • 33mm
  • 1 / 250 sec
  • f / 8
  • ISO 500

Every year, my church takes a trip to Sizewell Hall - this beautiful location on the Suffolk coast for a time for fellowship, rest and just hanging out with one another. It was my first time going and I didn’t really know if I was going to enjoy myself. But when we arrived at this massive house you can see, I was excited to just get into it and spend some time with the people I’d normally only see once per week. And of course, spend time with God.

It was also the perfect opportunity to take out the X-H2 and test it for those crispy 40 megapixel stills. I came equipped with the 18mm and 33mm lens for landscapes & portraits and in no way did the camera or the weekend away disappoint.